RELIGO – Simone Cerio

27 October 2018 – 30 December  2018

Museolaboratorio Ex Manifattura Tabacchi

Simone Cerio

curated by
Enzo De Leonibus

opening times:
open from Thursday to Sunday, from 6pm to 9pm



Religo is a journey through Italian LGBT Believers communities, with the purpose of exploring gender identities and sexual orientation in Christian Churches. A project by documentary photographer Simone Cerio, financed by the Association Cammini di Speranza (Paths of Hope) through Open Society Foundation.

Religo is an interactive exhibition, willing to provide a direct and available connection between Italian and international LGBT believers communities. In 5 years of research audio and video material, photos and documents were collected with the aim of providing a deep analysis on the issue. Those who are experiencing being an LGBT believer, often feel themselves isolated or excluded. In this exhibition they can find personal stories in which identify themselves, close examinations, and experts’ opinions to be listened.

“I chose a quiet and thoughtful atmosphere for the pictures, since this has been my approach throughout their lives. Gianni, Andrea and Dario, Fabio, Edoardo, Matteo, Giulia, Franchina, Valentina and all my guides shown me first their delicate, intimate and fragile side as LGBT believers “

Simone Cerio